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June 06, 2017
By DK Photographic
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While I've known Lisa for over 30 years, I've never really "known" her.  I know.  Sounds ridiculous.  She is my dear friend Susan's sister.  So, I knew her but I didn't really know her.  Thanks to social media, I have not only reconnected with Susan but am getting to know Lisa better as well.  And...  she has two pretty fabulous daughters, Sarah & Kelsey, a gorgeous granddaughter, Gillie, and a lucky son-in-law, Jason, who married into all this goodness.  The only bummer in all of this is that girls' lives have taken them across the country so when they were all home and together, family photos seemed to be a good choice.  The rain held out.  The baby was beyond precious and life is pretty good.  Now...  If only Kelsey could actually get together to finish her birthday celebration.